Spotlight: Wet Nuns

Sheffield’s most exciting duo release their new single ‘Throttle’ on 5th of March and is available exclusively as a free download through their website or you can listen to it below. Having been named as NME’s “Band’s to Look Out For in 2012” and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys tipping them for success it seems like 2012 could be the bands year. They are currently on tour until March (click here for details).

Wet Nuns Announce Tour Details

Tipped as NME’s top 20 “Bands To Look Out For in 2012” and a formidable force live; the Sheffield duo head out on a 20 date tour throughout February and March. Click here to head over to their webpage page for details of their tour and for a free download of their latest track ‘Heaven’s Below’, plus a remix by Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Spotlight: Wet Nuns

How to describe Wet Nuns? Blues? Rock? Punk? How about bloody awesome? The red-necks hailing from the deep south, south Yorkshire that is, Sheffield to be precise are heading out on tour in March. Head over to their Facebook page for more details. In the meantime here is their YouTube video for Heaven’s Below.

The Crookes Live At The Queens Social Club, Sheffield// 17/12/2011

So this review might be slightly late but since seeing the band I have not been able to access the world of the internet, until now…

It was clear how much Sheffield loves this band and it was equally clear how much the band loves Sheffield, their hometown. The band delighted the crowd by playing the foot stompers Bloodshot Days, Backstreet Lovers and Bright Young Things as well as treating us to a wonderful cover of Santa Baby (well it was Crookesmas). The band was energetic and George Waite excelled as front man, while his hair bounced along to the beat and for a moment I thought I was watching Michael McIntyre. The concert was excellent and it was clear the crowd and the band were enjoying themselves, however you couldn’t help feel the venue wasn’t equipped well enough in particular for sound quality, while I felt the stage was too small for the band.

The first support act: Silent Film Project were good but they were an average indie band; pleasant to listen to but lack that tune that sets them apart. The second support act was Sissy and The Blisters who were fantastic, they provided a fresh sound of garage rock similar to early Horrors and are definitely worth seeking out further. The Crookes gave a fantastic performance and it is hard to understand how these guys are not bigger. The band tells the crowd that it has been their “best ever gig” and was an “absolute pleasure to be home” but it is safe to say the pleasure was all ours. Thank you Crookes for a great Christmas present.

The Vaccines Live At The 02 Academy, Sheffield

The Vaccines are a rare bread in the music industry using and infusing chord progression and musical styles that we have heard before yet managing to place their own identity within the songs to create something very memorable. Another key element to their style and success is that the songs are short and snappy or anthemic. Thus seeing one of the most exciting bands of 2010 was something I could not pass up.

The academy was pretty full by the time the first support act Howler came on stage possibly one of the most suitable support acts for The Vaccines, considering they sound like a mix of The Strokes and The Vaccines. The band had a good stage presence with some good songs to accompany them. Whilst the second support act: Frankie & The Heartstrings were a disappointment, musically they were pretty average, however Hunger is a pretty darn fine song, but it was singer Frankie Francis who let the band down, he was far too much into himself rather than the crowd (who threw drinks at them) whilst attempting to channel Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) badly.

It was after 9.30 by the time The Vaccines had come on the stage with their immense song ‘Blow It Up’ and they were fantastic; but it was their second song ‘Wreckin Bar’ which saw both the crowd and band burst into energy, from then on out it was a monster of a show. The band was able to combine both upbeat garage rock whilst the slower songs (All In White, Wetsuit) resulted in a mass sing along. The band also previewed a new song which sounds like it could quite happily sit within the first album but it was bloody awesome.

The band technically sounded great better than their album in fact. Whilst the light show complimented the set really well. The band was enthusiastic and knew how to work the crowd, particularly on the slower more anthem songs.

With killer hooks, anthems and a bloody great live performances it’s not hard to see why The Vaccines rose so quickly from the underground scene; and there are few bands that deserve this success more.

Set List

  1. Blow It Up
  2. Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
  3. Tiger Blood
  4. A Lack of Understanding
  5. Wetsuit
  6. (New Song)
  7. Post Break Up Sex
  8. All In White
  9. Under Your Thumb
  10. Wolf Pack
  11. If You Wanna
  12. Family Friend
  13. We’re Happening (Encore)
  14. Norgaard (Encore)

Band of the Week: Best Friends

Ever wondered what would happen if The Strokes met The Beach Boys well listen to the Sheffield band Best Friends. Their garage surf pop is sure to get stuck in your head. Check out their EP, in particular the tracks: Surf Bitches and Ice Cream Dreams, on .

Dead Sons ‘Boom Boom EP’ Review

Formed from the ashes of Milburn and The Backhanded Compliments, this Sheffield band have been likened to Arctic Monkeys, and whilst they will appeal to the Monkeys fans Dead Sons deserve to be seen in their own light, as this EP shows.

At only four songs this short EP is powerful, psychedelic and just bloody awesome. At first listen you will be overwhelmed by the catchiness and melody of the songs but on subsequent listen you can hear a very dark undertow, which is what surely will set them apart from the monkeys. ‘Shotgun Woman’ is a strong opener, whilst ‘Better Than Being Alone’ provides the EP with a slower and more emotional song, this shows the band are capable of layering and adding space into the songs. It is however ‘Bangonfullturn’ which is the highlight of the EP, the heavy bass mixed with some excellent guitar riffs should surely become an indie classic. Whilst Thomas Rowley vocals contain depth and uniqueness which make the songs very interesting to listen to.

This EP surely highlights the strength of the Sheffield music scene, whilst it highlights the incredible song writing ability from the band. It is unlikely this band will remain on the underground scene for too long, as this EP is surely a sample of what they can do; and if their album is anything as good as this then they might be the saviour of both the indie and Sheffield music scene.

Next Big Thing: Dead Sons

Forming from the embers of The Backhanded Compliments and Milburn (the band that taught Arctic Monkeys everything they needed to know), are Sheffield locals Dead Sons. Their songs stomp through their rock sound, which makes them exciting and a band to watch for the future. Words can’t describe this band but you should check out their songs, such as Junkroom, Tramlines and City Nights, as these guys are going to be game changers in the indie scene.

Cults Live at the Bowery, Sheffield

After some disappointing support artists, Best Friends who sounded as messy as they looked and Fanzine well enough said really, my patience was thinning and it would take a lot to get me back on side but Cults managed it. This small bar in Sheffield was packed, ready to burst and nobody was to leave disappointed.

When listening to the album you can’t help fall in love with the 60’s theme that runs through it, however the lyrics and emotion never seem to have a full impact on the listener, but when seeing this twosome live, it is the emotion that grasps a hold of you, personally I think it is due to a matured voice, gone had the sweet voice that dominated the album now you truly believe what she sings, such as the line “I just couldn’t take you down there with me”.

As a live band, they were tight, interacting well with both the crowd and with each other, and the audience seemed to enjoy their performance. I merely have two complaints one: the show was not long enough (yes they performed their album but I just wanted more), secondly they were so perfect to watch live that their album pales in comparison. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this band, and rightly so, this is the band of the future and one to watch out for making it big.