Spotlight: Daniel Pearson

Fans of Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith will instantly fall for the clever hooks and alt country instrumentation; but it is the honest and warmth of the lyrics that showcase a true talent. Check out the SoundCloud links below or click here to be directed to his webpage for more information and to download his debut album ‘Satellites’.

Black n’ Blue

4th July

It’s Been A While

Ryan Adams ‘Ashes & Fire’ Review

The bad boy of country releases his finest album in 10 years. Thank fully he has dropped the rock and roll sound and has stripped the sound to reveal the heartbreaking lyrics beneath.

All the songs on this album are intense, there is no letting up, no upbeat tunes; but when he is this emotionally revealing you can forgive him, particularly when he sings the line “nobody has to cry to make it seem real”.  The instruments, voice and lyrics all blend effortlessly, to create a stunning album.

All the albums that happened in between this release and ‘Gold’ are forgiven, it might be an emotionally draining listen, but it’s really worth it.

Key Songs: Lucky Now, I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say and Invisible Riverside

Out Now!

The 10 Best Rain Songs

So it’s been a miserable week so far weather wise and in the spirit of the rain, which seems to be signalling the end of summer, I have made a list of the ten best songs containing the word rain in the title.

1.The Vines Rainfall – A little bit of a slower outing for the garage rockers.

2.The Jesus and Mary Chain Happy When It Rains – Who thought The Jesus and Mary Chain could ever be happy? It might be lyrically depressing but still an epic tune.

3.Led Zeppelin The Fool in the Rain – It’s Led Zeppelin enough said.

4.Regina Spektor Raindrops – A stripped down piano song that plinks along rather nicely.

5.Willie Nelson Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Just a really lovely slow country song.

6.Simon Joyner The Rain Asked For A Holiday – An intense song rich in colour and themes. 

7.The Cribs Curse The English Rain – My favourite lads from Wakefield create an upbeat indie rock anthem for those rainy days.

8.Bob Dylan Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Do I really need to explain this one?

9.Bright Eyes & Britt Daniels (of Spoon) Spent on Rainy Days – Great minds come together for this song that bursts to life after 30 seconds and last just over two minutes.

10.Ryan Adams Damn Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) – A short slow song coming in at just over 2 minutes but its two minutes of pure pleasure.