This Month’s Playlist Updated!

You can now listen to the April playlist by clicking here or at the top of the page. This month’s playlist includes tracks from Springsteen, Arctic Monkeys, M. Ward and Conor Oberst; it also includes tracks from upcoming artists including Absofacto & 10k Cities, which you can listen to below.



First Aid Kit ‘The Lion’s Roar’ Review

The two Swedish sisters who became You Tube sensations drop their second album and is possibly one the better Americana albums produced in the last few years.  They have finally stepped out of Fleet Foxes shadow and moved to a more country orientated sound, highlighted beautifully by ‘Emmylou’. Perhaps due to the input of Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis the song writing has shifted from characters and folktales to self narrative and reflection “And I’m a God damn coward then again so are you”; however it is important to note that the self-reflection is used occasionally throughout a song so that it never feels gloomy or depressive but still has enough power to convey their story. The vocals have matured as well; they are now much easier to listen to, though it is a little heavy-handed on the reverb. The instrumentation has become lush and filled with confidence and charm. The only disappointment is the end song ‘King of the World’, it never  goes anywhere and just seems to go round in circles, whilst the warbling voice of Conor Oberst doesn’t sit well next to the two delicate sisters; this leaves a very dissatisfied finish to the album. Despite the final song this is a much bigger and braver album that places the Sodenberg sisters in their own light.

Key Songs: Emmylou, The Lion’s Roar and Blue

Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall – A Review

With dimmed lights, Denny Brewer’s voice resonated throughout the hall, you could feel that tonight was going to be amazing. Then appeared the band, surrounded by an impressive light show, that gave the effect of something very spiritual. Oberst appears to have grown up a lot in the past few years and this can be seen in his performance tonight, as he seems to genuinely enjoy himself as he runs, twists and turns on the stage as opposed to incoherent rants                                                                        and falling off the stage.

Tonight the songs sounded far better than the albums, partly due to the band itself and partly due to the excellent acoustics within the Royal Albert Hall. Lasting over two hours, the set list too seems very well planned, blending old and new giving the fans exactly what they want.

But the highlight has to be the final two songs: Road to Joy and One For You, One For Me. With Road to Joy exciting the crowd whilst one for you left the them in awe, as he touched and hugged them. After leaving the stage, Denny Brewer’s voice once again made an appearance, whilst everyone in the sold out hall stood for an ovation. A once in a lifetime concert that surpassed expectations.