The Sound of 2012

Here at NorthernRoom we thought we would be generous and kind by listing some fresh-faced artists in which 2012 could be their year. Some have had a lot of hype and you might just have heard of them, others you might not either way you will now.

Tribes// With guitarist Dan White dating Scarlett Johansson and their debut album released this month on the 16th, it could be Tribes bringing rock n roll attitude back to music.

Spector// A touch indie, a touch new romantic, a touch cool.

Laura J Martin// She plays the flute like Hendrix played guitar.

Ren Harvieu// Channeling 60’s soul ballads. You could be forgiven if you thought she was Lulu or Dusty Springfield.

Bleeding Knees Club// Guitar fuzz garage punk sums these guys up best. You will like these if you like The Black Lips or Ramones.

Sissy and The Blisters// They wear tight clothes, have a rock n roll attitude and are slightly goth. You may confuse them with The Horrors but these guys are much better.

Friends// Catchy and clever.

Howler// Like Julian Casablancas fronting The Vaccines.

Check out the Spotify playlist for more songs by all these artists, plus a few more treats.

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