Lisa Hannigan ‘Passenger’ Review

Lisa Hannigan’s debut album had lush song writing, while the instrumentation was something to rival PJ Harvey; however this second album sees the singer plodding on the same ground.

The saviour of this album is Hannigan’s voice; her sweet, fragile voice adds emotion to some bland and rather cold lyrics: “If due to your hurry, you were hit by a lorry” is just an example which sounds like a seven year old trying to rhyme words. However, after an album of hearing her voice it does become irritating, the reason for this is that her voice is too fragile for the more upbeat songs and the two don’t blend together well, also when Lisa and Ray LaMontagne sing together the two again don’t harmonise well.

The second half of the album, when the pace slows is some of her best work, aside from the song ‘Passenger’ which is purely irritating. This isn’t one of the worst albums of the year, but it does lack emotion, she doesn’t seem to have anything to say; while the instrumentation isn’t anything new.

This is a pretty average album from the former long time collaborator of Damien Rice, it’s not terrible but there’s no connection to the audience. Granted there were high expectations after the Mercury Nominated debut, but this album fails to the reach them.

Key Songs: Little Bird, Paper House and Nowhere to Go

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No More License

It has been announced today that John Penrose has revealed a proposal which means pubs, bars, clubs and even schools won’t need to apply for an entertainment license if they wish to put on live music. Feargal Sharkey (Chief Exec of UK Music) stated “We’re optimistic that this will be positive news for the industry and especially for emerging talent… I’d wager that all of the Mercury Music Prize nominees started their careers playing in pubs or clubs”. This means the small venues would save (on average) £1,600 a year by not needing the license. I’m for this proposal; hopefully we will get some real talent coming through.