Tribes ‘Baby’ Review

Having gained a lot of attention during 2011 Tribes have finally released their debut album ‘Baby’ and it is certainly worth the hype. From songs such as ‘Sappho and ‘Whenever’ it is clear Tribes have a lot of imagination with strong songs but what is evident is their ability to absorb a wide range of influences from grunge, indie and glam rock to produce a refreshing sound for 2012. The song writing is very strong and inventive, such as ‘Corner of an English Field’ a song dedicated to Charlie Haddon of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. The album is very consistent where each song has a similar theme or instrumentation which creates strong links to tie the album together. However, the most powerful aspect of the album is the strong energy the band produces, particularly through Johnny Lloyd’s vocals. This is certainly an excellent debut and a must own for 2012.

Key Tracks: We Were Children, Sappho, Nightdriving, When My Day Comes, Corner of An English Field

This Month’s Playlist Updated!

You can now view the first monthly playlist of 2012 under the link “This Month’s Playlist” at the top of the page. At 15 tracks it includes some massive stompers including a remix of Foster The People, a cover of Beach House plus tracks from Youth Lagoon, Black Lips and many many more. There is also a widget that allows you to listen to the playlist, just like the one below:

Sound of 2012

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