This Month’s Playlist Updated!

You can now listen to the April playlist by clicking here or at the top of the page. This month’s playlist includes tracks from Springsteen, Arctic Monkeys, M. Ward and Conor Oberst; it also includes tracks from upcoming artists including Absofacto & 10k Cities, which you can listen to below.


Spotlight: Wet Nuns

NorthernRoom has given a lot of support to Wet Nuns recently and are very excited to announce the duo will be releasing a 7” double A side record containing the singles ‘Throttle’ and ‘Heaven’s Below’ exclusively for the Record Store Day on the 21st of April. The duo will also play the Rough Trade East store in support of the release.


Professor Penguin ‘Planes’ Album Review

“Set to turn heads with their debut album” Q Magazine (Track Of The Day)


“Love it, really love it” Nick Grimshaw (BBC Radio 1)


“Such a beautiful piece” Brian Eno

From the creation of Jonny Abraham Professor Penguin developed into a nine piece ensemble of talented musicians. The band, who have sold out live shows, have gained support from The Fly, Q Magazine (Track of the Day), BBC 6Music (Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq) and none other than Brian Eno who described their debut single ‘Pilot’ as “such a beautiful piece”. On April 9th the band releases their debut album ‘Planes’ through Gentoo Recordings.

From start to finish the album possess a very natural and somewhat effortless beauty. Despite being a nine piece band the album is very intimate and delicate; the songs are allowed to breathe and yet are richly layered with wonderfully paced instruments. The real beauty of the album lies in the fearlessness of the band to experiment with the songs and instrumentation; the band are not afraid to change tempo of the song, while the unusual mix of instruments (from slow plucking guitars to Spanish trumpets) transcend different musical genres that creates a truly fresh sound. Perhaps the only negative (and it really is only small) is that the lyrics can wash over you and take a back seat compared to the instruments however they are delivered in a very harmonious and unique voice.  This album is unique, different and is as perfect as an album can get; an incredible debut from some seriously talented musicians.

Key Tracks: Pilot, Pirate, Present & Puzzle Pieces

For more information you can visit their website or facebook page. You can also click here to listen to the band on soundcloud.

Spotlight: I Am Harlequin

I Am Harlequin, aka German born and London based musician Anne Freier, releases the single ‘Onesome’ from her forthcoming EP on March 12th and is already gaining critical acclaim from BBC 6Music, Q and NME. Her originality to song writing creates an exciting and fresh listening experience whilst her tenor voice is truly unique and amazing, the producer Killahurtz best sums her up: “I Am Harlequin captures that calibre of originality in sound and fashion that I believe it takes to become a truly credible artist”. You can listen to the track below or click here to be taken directly to her webpage for more information.

Spotlight: Wet Nuns

Sheffield’s most exciting duo release their new single ‘Throttle’ on 5th of March and is available exclusively as a free download through their website or you can listen to it below. Having been named as NME’s “Band’s to Look Out For in 2012” and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys tipping them for success it seems like 2012 could be the bands year. They are currently on tour until March (click here for details).

James Vincent McMorrow With Rob Bravery at Plug, Sheffield 10/02/2012

A young bearded man by the name of Rob Bravery took to the stage to a fairly packed room at Plug, with a guitarist and piano he gave a delicate and acoustic performance of his incredible debut ‘The Elusive Crux’. Despite well structured songs it is his unique and soft voice that grips you as it closely resembles Elliot Smith.  Rob Bravery’s downfall is that by playing acoustically there isn’t any upbeat moments to soften the intense set; however that is offset by his bravery to appear alone on the stage and deliver an incredible performance for a support act.

Starting with the faster paced Sparrow and the Wolf James Vincent McMorrow starts the show with a lively song which engages the now packed venue. It is when the slower more delicate offerings are performed that the gig notches up a gear, as his powerful falsetto voice captivates the audience and creates silence within it; this is particularly the case when the backing band left the stage for James Vincent McMorrow to perform We Are Ghosts and Higher Love acoustically. He was a timid character on stage, announcing that he was supposed to play a smaller venue but had been upgraded, he shyly bantered with audience members who shouted marriage proposals and love for his beard; however this shyness was not apparent when he was playing as his stage and voice presence was so large it consumed you as an audience member leaving behind goose bumps.

Spotlight: Admiral Fallow To Release New Album

The underrated Scottish band return with their second album ‘Tree Bursts in Snow’ on May 21st. Front man Louis Abbott talked about the meaning of the album title: “[it] refers to the sound and the image of an artillery shell exploding into a cluster of snow-drenched tress”. After the release of 2010’s beautiful album ‘Boots Met Face’ their second release is met with excitement here at NorthernRoom. You can listen to lead single ‘Beetle in the Box’ below or download it from their webpage.

Spotlight: Daniel Pearson ‘Satellites’ Review

Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Elliott Smith; the comparisons are strong but in a saturated singer songwriter market Pearson manages to stand apart in his own light. The debut album ranges from strong upbeat moments to delicate acoustic offerings. For a debut it sounds mature with great production, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect. What makes Daniel Pearson a great talent is that the songs are delivered with a unique voice whilst the instrumentation offers depth and good structure, with the more upbeat songs being the stronger components of the album as they burst with melody and become instantly infectious, a prime example being ‘Black n Blue’. The downfall of the album is the lyrics themselves, they are emotionally driven but often lack focus and so the meaning becomes blurred and so lacks impact, for example “When the ranches are bare, chemicals hang in the air… I will be there when you need me, like the stars in the sky, sand on the beach and the waves in the sea… We are all waves in the sea”. This is a great album despite the lyric element; it is well polished and infectious.

Key Songs: Black n Blue, Waves in the Sea, Tracks and Wishing Well.

Availiable through iTunes or Daniel Pearson’s online store.

Howler with Man Made at Leeds Cockpit 3/2/2012

Stood alone on the stage with a guitar and a gold sparkly jacket the brave 19 year old played to a fairly packed audience. It is clear Nile Marr aka Man Made has inherited his father’s genes, the one and only Johnny Marr, but what makes him stand aside from his father is his emotive singing and striking song writing ability. It would have been interesting to hear the live performance with a full band as at times he was a little static; however at such a young age it was a fine performance of a wonderful EP. After Man Made’s set came to a close he quickly abandoned the jacket and donned a hat to become one of Howlers roadie’s showing how intimate the tour had become.

After supporting The Vaccines and releasing their debut album it was clear Howler were riding on a high, as they walked through the packed crowd to the stage. Technically the band played well, the Cockpit (as always) provided a great venue for both vibe and sound quality; the band also bantered well with the crowd from telling stories of how they offended the Scots to wearing audience members hats. However, Jordan Gatesmith was drunk and continued to drink from a whiskey bottle, he was swearing and spitting; this created a shambolic feeling to the gig as guitar strings were broken; the problem is it felt like a check list of how to be ‘rock n roll’ rather than coming naturally. However, it is refreshing to see a band embrace the image which perhaps hasn’t been seen since the early to middle noughties. Their set was enjoyable as the crowd lapped up performances such as Told You Once and Back of Your Neck, but just like their album it felt a little disappointing and unoriginal.

This Month’s Playlist Updated

You can now listen to NorthernRoom’s February Playlist by clicking the link at the top of the page or by listening below. This month’s tracks include Kasabian covering Bowie while Carl Barat and Pete Doherty cover The Beatles plus songs from Christopher Norman, The Shins and many more.