Professor Penguin ‘Planes’ Album Review

“Set to turn heads with their debut album” Q Magazine (Track Of The Day)


“Love it, really love it” Nick Grimshaw (BBC Radio 1)


“Such a beautiful piece” Brian Eno

From the creation of Jonny Abraham Professor Penguin developed into a nine piece ensemble of talented musicians. The band, who have sold out live shows, have gained support from The Fly, Q Magazine (Track of the Day), BBC 6Music (Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq) and none other than Brian Eno who described their debut single ‘Pilot’ as “such a beautiful piece”. On April 9th the band releases their debut album ‘Planes’ through Gentoo Recordings.

From start to finish the album possess a very natural and somewhat effortless beauty. Despite being a nine piece band the album is very intimate and delicate; the songs are allowed to breathe and yet are richly layered with wonderfully paced instruments. The real beauty of the album lies in the fearlessness of the band to experiment with the songs and instrumentation; the band are not afraid to change tempo of the song, while the unusual mix of instruments (from slow plucking guitars to Spanish trumpets) transcend different musical genres that creates a truly fresh sound. Perhaps the only negative (and it really is only small) is that the lyrics can wash over you and take a back seat compared to the instruments however they are delivered in a very harmonious and unique voice.  This album is unique, different and is as perfect as an album can get; an incredible debut from some seriously talented musicians.

Key Tracks: Pilot, Pirate, Present & Puzzle Pieces

For more information you can visit their website or facebook page. You can also click here to listen to the band on soundcloud.

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  1. Just listened to “Pilot”, it’s a beautiful song. Thanks for turning me onto this!


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