The Top 50 Albums of 2011

It is that time of year where you can’t escape from the countdown lists. You can view ours at the top of the page under the heading of ‘The Top 50 Albums of 2011’. View albums from Bjork, Foster The People, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, P.J Harvey and many more (45 to be exact). What do you think of the list? Where are your favourite albums placed? Have we missed any?

You can also download a playlist for Spotify: Top 50 Albums of 2011

Dead Sons ‘Boom Boom EP’ Review

Formed from the ashes of Milburn and The Backhanded Compliments, this Sheffield band have been likened to Arctic Monkeys, and whilst they will appeal to the Monkeys fans Dead Sons deserve to be seen in their own light, as this EP shows.

At only four songs this short EP is powerful, psychedelic and just bloody awesome. At first listen you will be overwhelmed by the catchiness and melody of the songs but on subsequent listen you can hear a very dark undertow, which is what surely will set them apart from the monkeys. ‘Shotgun Woman’ is a strong opener, whilst ‘Better Than Being Alone’ provides the EP with a slower and more emotional song, this shows the band are capable of layering and adding space into the songs. It is however ‘Bangonfullturn’ which is the highlight of the EP, the heavy bass mixed with some excellent guitar riffs should surely become an indie classic. Whilst Thomas Rowley vocals contain depth and uniqueness which make the songs very interesting to listen to.

This EP surely highlights the strength of the Sheffield music scene, whilst it highlights the incredible song writing ability from the band. It is unlikely this band will remain on the underground scene for too long, as this EP is surely a sample of what they can do; and if their album is anything as good as this then they might be the saviour of both the indie and Sheffield music scene.

Essential Tracks Update

Click the ‘Essential Tracks You Have To Hear’ at the top of the page for this months top tunes. The list includes this massive stomper from Dead Sons.

Next Big Thing: Dead Sons

Forming from the embers of The Backhanded Compliments and Milburn (the band that taught Arctic Monkeys everything they needed to know), are Sheffield locals Dead Sons. Their songs stomp through their rock sound, which makes them exciting and a band to watch for the future. Words can’t describe this band but you should check out their songs, such as Junkroom, Tramlines and City Nights, as these guys are going to be game changers in the indie scene.