Spotlight: DamnDogs

The former rhythm section of Jet (Chris Cester and Mark Wilson) have joined forces with Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin to create a dance rock band named (rather badly) DamnDogs. They are producing a sound that is pretty simple yet dirty and catchy; fans of early Rapture will enjoy them. Their song Cocaine is a particular favourite of mine at the moment.


The Rapture – ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’ Review

Releasing one decent album (Echoes) in their 13 year career The Rapture don’t seemed to have progressed or learned anything with this latest release. The lyrics are poor and clichéd, “I’ll see you on the other side” and “you’re life’s a roller coaster” are just a few examples, the electronica sound is shoved too harshly in your face. The songs seem to build and yet never lead anywhere whilst it lacks that toe tapping catchiness found on earlier albums; you merely find the songs far too annoying, Luke Jenner repeating the words roller coaster is a prime example. I really don’t think a diehard Rapture fan could like this album.

Key Songs: Well they are all really poor, but the best of the bunch I suppose is Sail Away.

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