Kate Bush ’50 Words For Snow’ Album Review

Kate Bush releases her second album of the year: ’50 Words for Snow’ and it is a blend of cold and delicate melodies which might not be her most accessible work but it is the most focussed. The seasonal album has an overlying theme of snow and winter but search within this and you will find songs packed with innocence and distance mixed with life and love. This is something Bush does outstandingly well, taking a concept which would seem absurd but turns it into something rather beautiful, as in the case of ‘Misty’ the romance of a snowman. The instrumentation and matured vocals blends effortlessly with the underlying theme to create a very rich album which keeps rewarding the listener. This is a fantastic, intense album that reiterates just how talented Bush is.

Listen To Kate Bush’s New Single

Hear the new Kate Bush single ‘Wild Man’ below, it is taken from her new album ’50 Words for Snow’ which is released in November.It sounds pretty darn good to me, what do you guys think?