Spotlight: Wet Nuns

How to describe Wet Nuns? Blues? Rock? Punk? How about bloody awesome? The red-necks hailing from the deep south, south Yorkshire that is, Sheffield to be precise are heading out on tour in March. Head over to their Facebook page for more details. In the meantime here is their YouTube video for Heaven’s Below.


Spotlight: Man Made

Man Made aka Nile Marr is only 19 yet has accomplished so much, having shared a stage with Broken Social Scene and Bright Eyes the young musician is now heading out on tour in January and February with none other than Howler. His music is lo-fi and moody yet it is exhilarating and refreshing, a real talent that won’t be hidden for long.

Check out his Facebook page here for tour details and to stream his EP.

Man Made’s EP is also available on iTunes.

“Don’t Thank God”

“Do Your Worst”


Sound of 2012

Check out the newly added page at the top! It lists the bands NorthernRoom are very excited about for 2012. The page includes Soundcloud and Youtube links, plus a Spotify link for bonus bands and songs. Don’t live in 2011, read the list and open Spotify.

2012 Hotly Anticipated Releases

2011 was quietly a good year for music with two releases from Kate Bush and Alex Turner but what of 2012? Here at NorthenRoom we thought we would list a few albums that we can’t wait for.

The Maccabees// Given To The Wild// 9th January

Here at NorthenRoom we can’t understand how these London lads are not bigger, their previous releases were perfection; both were incredibly catchy and effortlessly cool. With their third album close to release maybe 2012 will be The Maccabees year.

Sigur Rós// TBA// TBA

Having been on hiatus since 2010, rumours have been flying round of a 2012 album and tour ever since their Q&A at the Inni premiere. Allegedly the album is planned for a spring release and the sound will be “floaty and minimal”. Perhaps we will see the band returning to a sound similar to their earlier albums.

The Shins// Port of Morrow// March

The fourth release from the indie pop legends will have some high expectations to reach but The Shins are easily capable of reaching them.

Cursive// I Am Gemini// 21st February

A concept album about twins, one is good the other is evil. Can’t say we at NorthernRoom are fans of concept albums and this in particular doesn’t sound too appetising. However, it is the excellent Cursive and the song ‘The Sun and Moon’ is bloody awesome.

Errors// Have Some Faith In Magic// 31st January

The band burst at the seams with colour and electro compositions creating one of the best danceable acts out there. Their song Earthscore, off their future album, shows the band could be bounded for greatness.

Spotlight: White Rose ‘Fanimal EP’ Review

Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines clearly influence these four lads from Darlington, Co Durham. This is no bad thing as they have enough of their own stamp to create a very likeable EP. At only four tracks it clearly demonstrates the ability of the band; the lyrics and structures of the songs are strong whilst Jack Turner provides some very unique vocals which are best appreciated on the slower songs. But the real powerhouse behind this band is quite clearly the bassist Danny Miller; his bass lines keep the songs tight and compelling.

White Rose excel best on their more upbeat songs with Black Box Magic a clear standout song that really is worth the listen. The band also turn their hand very well to softer slower songs, as Melanie’s Melancholy demonstrates, although the song does lose focus at just under two minutes when it delves into realms of the clichéd, however Jack Turner’s vocals are the key element to the song.

White Rose are an unsigned band and this EP clearly shows they have so much potential and are a band to watch out for. You can stream their EP on their Facebook page:

Band of the Week: Best Friends

Ever wondered what would happen if The Strokes met The Beach Boys well listen to the Sheffield band Best Friends. Their garage surf pop is sure to get stuck in your head. Check out their EP, in particular the tracks: Surf Bitches and Ice Cream Dreams, on .

Spotlight: DamnDogs

The former rhythm section of Jet (Chris Cester and Mark Wilson) have joined forces with Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin to create a dance rock band named (rather badly) DamnDogs. They are producing a sound that is pretty simple yet dirty and catchy; fans of early Rapture will enjoy them. Their song Cocaine is a particular favourite of mine at the moment.

Spotlight: Toddla T



A DJ, producer, composer and all round nice guy; more people should get into this guy. He produces music that encompasses hip-hop, electro, garage and house, he has also collaborated with Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys fame as well as Roots Manuva and Tinchy Stryder. He released his second album (Watch Me Dance) this year, but a video of his music will describe it better than I ever could.


FYI it takes about a minute until the song starts


Band Of The Week – Oberhofer

This unsigned Brooklyn band don’t particularly add anything new to the indie scene but I guarantee after listening to AWY FRM U (Away From You), you won’t be able to stop humming it to yourself as it is incredibly catchy. Enjoy! .

Next Big Thing: Dead Sons

Forming from the embers of The Backhanded Compliments and Milburn (the band that taught Arctic Monkeys everything they needed to know), are Sheffield locals Dead Sons. Their songs stomp through their rock sound, which makes them exciting and a band to watch for the future. Words can’t describe this band but you should check out their songs, such as Junkroom, Tramlines and City Nights, as these guys are going to be game changers in the indie scene.