Spotlight: White Rose ‘Fanimal EP’ Review

Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines clearly influence these four lads from Darlington, Co Durham. This is no bad thing as they have enough of their own stamp to create a very likeable EP. At only four tracks it clearly demonstrates the ability of the band; the lyrics and structures of the songs are strong whilst Jack Turner provides some very unique vocals which are best appreciated on the slower songs. But the real powerhouse behind this band is quite clearly the bassist Danny Miller; his bass lines keep the songs tight and compelling.

White Rose excel best on their more upbeat songs with Black Box Magic a clear standout song that really is worth the listen. The band also turn their hand very well to softer slower songs, as Melanie’s Melancholy demonstrates, although the song does lose focus at just under two minutes when it delves into realms of the clichéd, however Jack Turner’s vocals are the key element to the song.

White Rose are an unsigned band and this EP clearly shows they have so much potential and are a band to watch out for. You can stream their EP on their Facebook page:

The Best and Worst Gigs

I like to flitter away my money on going to concerts, so I thought I would give a list of my top 5 best and worst performances.

We’ll start with the Bad:

  1. Warpaint – Anyone who read my Leeds Festival 2011 review will know what I made of this band that makes you suicidal.
  2. Bromheads– They tried their best bless ’em, on a positive I got to meet the drummer.
  3. McFly – I swear I was forced against my will with a gun pointed to my head. Still lots of alcohol numbed the pain (and screaming from my friend).
  4. The Qemists – Just shocking.
  5. Dizzee Rascal – Saw him at Leeds Festival 2010 and whilst some of his songs are ok, he just brought out the t*** in people.

Now for when spending the dosh makes it worth it:

  1. The Libertines – All dreams came true when The Libertines got back together and they didn’t disappoint.
  2. The Subways – It was raw, sweaty and powerful.
  3. Queens of the Stone Age – Josh Homme is one of the best guitarists
  4. Bright Eyes – Fulfilled my teenage dream seeing one of my favourite artists.
  5. Cage The Elephant – What an excellent front man.
  6. The Felice Brothers – OK this is a slight cheat but I got to see them on my birthday, was at the front,  painted the town red  and got to talk to the drummer.