Spotlight: Admiral Fallow To Release New Album

The underrated Scottish band return with their second album ‘Tree Bursts in Snow’ on May 21st. Front man Louis Abbott talked about the meaning of the album title: “[it] refers to the sound and the image of an artillery shell exploding into a cluster of snow-drenched tress”. After the release of 2010’s beautiful album ‘Boots Met Face’ their second release is met with excitement here at NorthernRoom. You can listen to lead single ‘Beetle in the Box’ below or download it from their webpage.

Spotlight: Great Lake Swimmers

Gearing up for the release of their fifth album ‘New Wild Everywhere’ in April, Great Lake Swimmers release the preview track ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ which you can listen to below.

Spotlight: Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor has returned with her latest album ‘Overlook’. It is certainly a fine album with Matador (see below) the stand out song.

Breaking News: Kate Bush Album Update!

A few details of Kate Bush’s new album have been released today. The album titled ‘50 Words for Snow’ will hit shelves on 21st November. There will be seven songs to feature on the album but the running time will be 65 minutes; and each song will be set against the background of constant falling snow. The track listing has also been released and is as follows:

‘Lake Tahoe’
‘Snowed In At Wheeler Street’
’50 Words For Snow’
‘Among Angels’

This album is the second release on Bush’s Fish People Records and the exciting news is that album can now be pre-ordered online through iTunes and HMV.

Looks like Christmas will come early this year.