Confirmed! Stone Roses Reunited

After several days of speculation the Manchester band has confirmed they are reuniting to play two homecoming shows before a world tour.

The news announced at 3pm today suggested that the band may record a new album; and they intended to play new material at the two homecoming shows in Heaton Park on June 29th and 30th 2012 and then embarking on a world tour. Ian Brown declared: “This is a live resurrection, and you’re invited, so you’d better be there”.

The members said each of them had personal reasons behind the reunion and when asked how long it would last Brown declared “until the wheels fall off”, he also criticised the current music scene calling it “boring, bland and corporate with nobody saying anything”.

So it seems the band has gotten over their differences (for now), you can buy tickets to see the band at Heaton Park from Friday 21 October when tickets are on sale at 9.30 am, but you’ll have to get behind me first.

The Stone Roses Reunited?

Rumours having been flying around since Friday that the Manchester band will be announcing their reunion on Tuesday, but according to The Sun (not exactly a reliable source) they have a confirmed text message from Ian Brown, the singer, which reads: “We are going to rule the world again. It’s happening.” Whilst, Elbow’s Guy Garvey have confirmed that the band have been rehearsing again.

However the drummer, Alan ‘Reni’ Wren, has denied any claims and has suggested that he is not involved in the band.

I’m not getting my hopes up until the announcement is made tomorrow, but if it is true, we can expect a tour next summer in Manchester Heaton Park and I will be first in line for tickets.