Bjork ‘Biophilia’ Review

Bjork releases one of the best albums ever! Yes that is a strong opening statement, but every aspect is fantastic.

The lyrics and themes in the album might just blow your mind as it ranges from philosophy, genetics and the human biorhythm amongst others. Surprisingly this album took three years to make and research; which resulted in a large collaboration list including David Attenborough as well as university lecturers, mathematicians, scientists and engineers. The scale of this project was huge, new apps were made while four gravity harps were commissioned.

This is a very interactive listen, where you can play around with the music using the specially designed apps, and as technology progresses this is a great way to get kids back into listening and playing music. However, I prefer to simply listen to the music and it is simply outstanding, the songs are carefully crafted and musically layered and bold yet there is so much space and calmness to the album.

This album has been pioneered as the future of the music industry, and that it will “smash industry conventions”, while the whole app thing works really well with this album, I can’t see it working for many other artists such as Katy Perry or The Killers, where it’s more musically simplier.

Whether you like the app side of this album or not, musically it is a very fine album and the one of the best Bjork releases as well as one of the greatest albums ever to be recorded.

Key Songs: Too hard to pick any.