Spotlight: Daniel Pearson

Fans of Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith will instantly fall for the clever hooks and alt country instrumentation; but it is the honest and warmth of the lyrics that showcase a true talent. Check out the SoundCloud links below or click here to be directed to his webpage for more information and to download his debut album ‘Satellites’.

Black n’ Blue

4th July

It’s Been A While


Wet Nuns Announce Tour Details

Tipped as NME’s top 20 “Bands To Look Out For in 2012” and a formidable force live; the Sheffield duo head out on a 20 date tour throughout February and March. Click here to head over to their webpage page for details of their tour and for a free download of their latest track ‘Heaven’s Below’, plus a remix by Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Spotlight: Great Lake Swimmers

Gearing up for the release of their fifth album ‘New Wild Everywhere’ in April, Great Lake Swimmers release the preview track ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ which you can listen to below.

First Aid Kit ‘The Lion’s Roar’ Review

The two Swedish sisters who became You Tube sensations drop their second album and is possibly one the better Americana albums produced in the last few years.  They have finally stepped out of Fleet Foxes shadow and moved to a more country orientated sound, highlighted beautifully by ‘Emmylou’. Perhaps due to the input of Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis the song writing has shifted from characters and folktales to self narrative and reflection “And I’m a God damn coward then again so are you”; however it is important to note that the self-reflection is used occasionally throughout a song so that it never feels gloomy or depressive but still has enough power to convey their story. The vocals have matured as well; they are now much easier to listen to, though it is a little heavy-handed on the reverb. The instrumentation has become lush and filled with confidence and charm. The only disappointment is the end song ‘King of the World’, it never  goes anywhere and just seems to go round in circles, whilst the warbling voice of Conor Oberst doesn’t sit well next to the two delicate sisters; this leaves a very dissatisfied finish to the album. Despite the final song this is a much bigger and braver album that places the Sodenberg sisters in their own light.

Key Songs: Emmylou, The Lion’s Roar and Blue

Spotlight: Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor has returned with her latest album ‘Overlook’. It is certainly a fine album with Matador (see below) the stand out song.

Tribes ‘Baby’ Review

Having gained a lot of attention during 2011 Tribes have finally released their debut album ‘Baby’ and it is certainly worth the hype. From songs such as ‘Sappho and ‘Whenever’ it is clear Tribes have a lot of imagination with strong songs but what is evident is their ability to absorb a wide range of influences from grunge, indie and glam rock to produce a refreshing sound for 2012. The song writing is very strong and inventive, such as ‘Corner of an English Field’ a song dedicated to Charlie Haddon of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. The album is very consistent where each song has a similar theme or instrumentation which creates strong links to tie the album together. However, the most powerful aspect of the album is the strong energy the band produces, particularly through Johnny Lloyd’s vocals. This is certainly an excellent debut and a must own for 2012.

Key Tracks: We Were Children, Sappho, Nightdriving, When My Day Comes, Corner of An English Field

Spotlight: Wet Nuns

How to describe Wet Nuns? Blues? Rock? Punk? How about bloody awesome? The red-necks hailing from the deep south, south Yorkshire that is, Sheffield to be precise are heading out on tour in March. Head over to their Facebook page for more details. In the meantime here is their YouTube video for Heaven’s Below.

Spotlight: Man Made

Man Made aka Nile Marr is only 19 yet has accomplished so much, having shared a stage with Broken Social Scene and Bright Eyes the young musician is now heading out on tour in January and February with none other than Howler. His music is lo-fi and moody yet it is exhilarating and refreshing, a real talent that won’t be hidden for long.

Check out his Facebook page here for tour details and to stream his EP.

Man Made’s EP is also available on iTunes.

“Don’t Thank God”

“Do Your Worst”


This Month’s Playlist Updated!

You can now view the first monthly playlist of 2012 under the link “This Month’s Playlist” at the top of the page. At 15 tracks it includes some massive stompers including a remix of Foster The People, a cover of Beach House plus tracks from Youth Lagoon, Black Lips and many many more. There is also a widget that allows you to listen to the playlist, just like the one below:

The Maccabees ‘Given To The Wild’ Review

The Maccabees return with their third album, their previous albums were perfection in indie with dark pop elements, but the third album sees the band mature and grow with confidence to an album that might be their defining sound and is certainly their masterpiece. The album itself is concise and consistent with each song blending beautifully into the next, there isn’t necessarily a standout song but it is an album which should be listened to as an album. The album also creates a rich and beautiful soundscape which conjures up imagery of landscapes and the wild, this makes the album title aptly named. Orlando Weeks voice is a beautiful falsetto which washes and blends effortlessly with the instrumentation. Whilst the album is as gentle as a summer stream, it does provide some upbeat moments such as the songs ‘Unknown’ and ‘Pelican’. Whilst The Maccabees previous albums were ‘perfection’ they now certainly feel like they were stepping stones to ‘Given To The Wild’, an album which shows maturity and a band brimming with confidence. A real gem.

Out Now!

Essential Tracks: Really must be listened to as an album